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Top Priorities for businesses

Top Marketing Priorities and Challenges for Businesses in 2019 and Beyond

The evolving marketing landscape means businesses must constantly find new ways to promote themselves, generate awareness of their services, and bring in new customers. With a significant shift towards digital marketing in the past few years, they are looking for a partner Read More »

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Prospecting New Digital Clients

At a time when multiple digital providers may be competing in your market, prospecting potential clients is a key part of creating long-term success for your agency.  However, prospecting new digital clients will be different than your approach to prospecting Read More »

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Top Digital Sales Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

As the popularity of digital marketing continues to increase, so will the number of digital providers in your market. And as a result, so will your sales challenges. You may have already experienced some of these challenges, and are now wondering what steps you Read More »


Responding to Common Digital Objections

As a traditional media group or agency, you know it’s important to be able to overcome objections to the services you offer. And if your prospective clients are not familiar with the world of digital advertising, you may run into new objections you haven't heard Read More »

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Marketing Yourself As a Digital Expert

Whether you've been selling digital services for years or are just starting to roll them out, it's important to convey your expertise about these products to your advertisers. Clients want to buy digital services from a sales person who they trust understands the ins and Read More »

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Important Steps for a Productive Digital Advertising Client Meeting

As more digital providers enter the market, it's important to make sure you stand out among your local and national competition. After securing a meeting with your local advertiser, you may be wondering how to best proceed to ensure you get the sale.  It's important to Read More »

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