Why Am I Not Seeing My Ads?

You just launched a new digital advertising campaign with your client. It makes sense that your client is excited! However, when customers start to discover that their ads don’t display for them, they get angry, doubt the validity of digital advertising, and become hesitant with trusting the process. Not seeing your own advertisement, though, is common. There are actually a lot of reasons why you won’t see your advertisement. We’ll examine a number of our digital strategies and explain why you and your client aren’t seeing the advertisements from their digital efforts.

You don’t fit within your target audience:

We can establish a target audience for your advertising using a number of our digital marketing strategies. Demographics, including age and gender, or audience segments, such as interests, life events, and so forth, may all be used to determine who this audience is. We can make our target audience as specific or general as we choose in a variety of ways. This will decide who receives advertising and who does not. So when you don’t see your advertisement, consider whether you fall inside the demographics of the people that your campaign is trying to reach. If not, wonderful; it means the campaign is reaching the right audience.

You are not in the targeted location:

Every campaign uses some type of location targeting, which establishes the boundaries of how far your ads can reach the targeted area. Geofences, virtual boundaries, radius parameters, zip codes, cities, states, and other geographic features can all be used to pinpoint locations. We will only deliver advertisements to our target demographic in the locations we specify for your campaign. You won’t see your ad if you aren’t in your campaign’s target area(s).

The daily budget has been spent for the day:

Campaigns run on a daily budget that is maintained monthly. The algorithms that media-buying platforms use will bid a portion of the daily budget on any relevant individuals that they believe have the highest chance of generating a conversion or click. To guarantee that the campaign’s performance is spread out throughout the course of the month, a daily budget caps the amount of money that can be spent each day. For the remainder of the day, ads won’t be served after the daily budget has been spent.

You don’t have a history of clicking on ads:

We set up our campaigns to focus on people who we believe have a higher likelihood of clicking the advertisement and converting. The algorithms that media buying platforms use will therefore concentrate on users that closely match our target audience and have a high possibility of converting. If you aren’t a person who tends to click on ads, you’re less likely to see the ad.

Your ad has been outbid:

As you search the internet and browse online, advertising will appear everywhere. Depending on the websites you visit and the topics you look up, it’s possible that your ad won’t appear because another advertiser outbid you. At any given time, thousands of advertisements compete for the same spot. We retain consistent bidding to ensure our budget is used to maximize the number of impressions and clicks we can get.

Your device can’t be tracked (Event Targeting):

Being able to track a person’s phone inside the virtual perimeter we set up around the event is one of the crucial components of an event-targeting campaign. There are many reasons why we are unable to trace your phone. Some of these involve not setting your location services or not using your phone while you are at the event, and so on. You won’t be included in the audience we capture if your device isn’t detected, because there is no way of knowing if you were at the event.

The algorithms at play for our various digital tactics, such as targeted display, social ads, search engine marketing, and so on, are set up to help users find the most relevant content as easily as possible. As you have read above, there is a multitude of reasons why you and your client will most likely not see your own ads. In hindsight, it’s in the client’s best interest to not see their ads as they are not the desired target audience and will deplete their budget on wasted impressions or clicks. It’s best to encourage your clients to use the reports we provide them to feel confident their ads are getting in front of the correct audience. If you have any further questions about how ads are served, please fill out our contact form.

About the Author

Brandon Kjonegaard - Digital Media Strategist

Brandon Kjonegaard is one of our digital media strategists. Brandon recently joined 44i as a new graduate, already gaining valuable experience and knowledge regarding digital marketing. As a digital media strategist, Brandon works on creating, running, optimizing, and reporting on a variety of digital tactics. During his free time, he enjoys being outdoors with his family, friends, and his pup, Luna.
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