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Selling Digital Daily

Every day local businesses are hearing more about online advertising and shifting more of their budgets to digital. Until recently, you've competed with digital marketing products. But now your group offers the necessary digital products to give local businesses exactly Read More »

Digital growth

Radio’s Digital Sales Inch Closer to $1 Billion

In 2018, local radio stations generated more than $800 million in digital ad revenue according the Radio Advertising Bureau. And in 2019, that number is forecasted to rise as local radio stations are on track to make almost $1 billion from digital Read More »

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4 Email Marketing Myths That Are Hurting Email Campaigns

Email marketing can be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to getting the word out about a business. There are a lot of myths that many of us still believe when it comes to this form of marketing though. Here are some of the top myths that are hurting the success of Read More »

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4 Ways to Make Sure A Website is Relevant to Customers

A website is a powerful tool that lets customers know about the expertise and services a business can provide. It helps get the word out about a business. However, the internet is a competitive place so it’s important to make sure a website is relevant and engages Read More »


3 Ways Retargeting Ads Will Improve Digital Marketing Efforts

Retargeting ads (also called remarketing ads) are a form of online advertising that can help keep an advertiser's brand in front of potential customers who have visited its website but haven’t converted yet. Retargeting ads are possible on a variety of different ad Read More »

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4 Reasons To Track Social Media Analytics

As part of our social media services, we closely track the results we see from an organization's posts. Several benefits stem from closely monitoring these metrics according to University of Kentucky, including improved marketing strategies, increased customer Read More »

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