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Top Digital Sales Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

As the popularity of digital marketing continues to increase, so will the number of digital providers in your market. And as a result, so will your sales challenges. You may have already experienced some of these challenges, and are now wondering what steps you can take to overcome them in order to close a sale.

According to Richardson's 2019 Selling Challenges Research Study, sales people need to possess more than just selling skills. When challenges arise, you need to be able to think quickly and address the situation at hand.

As you talk with prospective clients, keep in mind these three digital sales challenges and how to overcome them.

1. Gaining Appointments

The Challenge: According to the Richardson's study, 14% of sales professionals said gaining appointments was one of their biggest challenges while prospecting due to reasons out of their control, such as internal priorities and shifting budgets. And once their attention was reached, it was also difficult to schedule a time where everyone could meet.

The Solution: You can overcome this challenge by beginning the conversation with a “hinge,” which is an issue that is specific to that prospective client’s company or industry. Then suggest how your digital products could be a benefit or solve the issue, giving the prospect an incentive to attend the meeting.

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2. Competing Against a Low-Cost Provider

The Challenge: Out of the sales professionals surveyed, 31% said competing against a low-cost provider was a major challenge when closing a sale. If there are a lot of digital providers in your market, there is bound to be a company or two known for being the place to get a deal that attracts your prospects. 

The Solution: To avoid losing to these low-cost providers, prove your worth. Show prospective clients examples of how your digital products have helped similar companies succeed, and ask them how exactly the other providers will deliver results in comparison. Explain how your services are a great value for the results they produce.

3. Creating Competitive Differentiation

The Challenge: According to the Richardson study, 26% of sales professionals said they found creating competitive differentiation to be another top challenge. Setting your digital products apart from competitors can sometimes be difficult in a congested marketplace. Prospects will typically choose the agency with the most name recognition or the lowest cost, which may not always be you.  

The Solution: You can overcome this challenge by finding something unique about your services and making that a distinctive part of your brand. By offering traditional media like radio, along with your digital products, you already have something your competition doesn't. So be sure to use that as a point of differentiation when speaking to customers; that you are a complete marketing provider.

As a sales professional you understand how difficult the job can be, but learning how to overcome challenges is an essential part of being a successful digital provider in your market. Implementing these solutions will help you gain appointments, compete against low-cost providers, and create competitive differentiation that will help you attain and retain clients. 

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