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Responding to Common Digital Objections

As a traditional media group or agency, you know it’s important to be able to overcome objections to the services you offer. And if your prospective clients are not familiar with the world of digital advertising, you may run into new objections you haven't heard before. 

It's critical to think ahead and have responses in mind for a variety of digital objections you may encounter from prospective clients in order to sell them on the importance, value, and effectiveness of digital advertising for their business and generate additional advertising revenue for your team.


One of the most common digital objections you’ll run into is budget. You most likely have run into this objection before when asking for new business or to increase a current client's ad spend. Many clients want to make sure your services are affordable and effective. When approaching clients about digital services in particular, you should keep these responses in mind.


Clients may think digital advertising is expensive and they don't have the budget for it. Remind clients that we can tailor our digital services to fit their budget. A lot of digital services are less expensive than they may realize. And if they have a budget limit, we can put together a custom plan to help them maximize their online efforts without breaking the bank.

Time Savings

Digital marketing is something every company needs and it is time consuming for businesses to do themselves without hiring additional staff. For example, realtors spend an average of 9 hours/week on social media alone. You can give real estate agents an extra day each week to sell houses simply by taking their current social media efforts off their plate. Ask your clients what their time is truly worth. 

Reallocate Budget

When budget is a concern, we never want to just move money from the business's current advertising spend with your media group or agency to digital. Instead, we can help reallocate money from ineffective old media that the organization is likely doing such as phone book, outdoor billboards, etc. This approach not only helps the client move away from ineffective marketing tactics, but gives your group additional advertising dollars to work with.

Besides budget, you might also face opposition about specific digital products as your prospective client may not understand the importance of these services to their business and brand. 

Here are a few ways to respond to objections about websites, social media/email and digital marketing:

Responding to Objections


“We can get a website for less money from another vendor.”

  • Yes, but are you getting one that is optimized to help you rank high in searches and is mobile-first?
  • Is it customized for your needs and matches your other marketing efforts?
  • How easy and cost effective is it to make your own updates?

“We don’t need a website.”

  • In today's world every company needs a website. Your business has just never had a partner that can help you turn it into a valuable investment for you. Now you do.

Social Media/Email

“We do our own social media/email.”

  • Yes, but are you really skilled at optimizing it for your business?
  • Is it in line with the rest of your branding and marketing efforts?
  • Business social media/email is completely different than personal.

“My business doesn’t need social media/email.”

  • Every business can stand to benefit from engaging new and prospective customers with quality content that highlights your expertise, services, and specials. If it hasn't seemed worthwhile in the past, it's only because you’ve never had a partner who knows how to make it work for your business.

Digital Marketing

“We do our own digital marketing.”

  • Does your team have the necessary skills/experience to make sure you're maximizing your ad budget?
  • Are you targeting the right people online and driving meaningful results?
  • That's great, we'd be happy to look at a digital report to confirm you're maximizing your efforts.

“We don’t think it’s worthwhile.”

  • If you are trying to do it all yourself or don’t understand these every-changing technologies, it probably feels this way.
  • We can show you exactly how your campaigns are performing each month with detailed reporting.
  • Campaigns can be adjusted or changed to always ensure it aligns with your business priorities.

By having answers to these objections ready in the back of your mind, you’ll be able to calm anxieties your clients might have about trying new digital products or bringing their current digital marketing efforts over to your media group or agency. These answers will help you sell them on the importance, value, and effectiveness of digital advertising for their business and generate additional advertising revenue for your team.

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