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Prospecting New Digital Clients

At a time when multiple digital providers may be competing in your market, prospecting potential clientsis a key part of creating long-term success for your agency.

However, prospecting new digital clients will be different than your approach to prospecting traditional clients as many of them may be new to this type ofadvertising. It may take a little time to increase awareness of your digital services, as well as time for you to understand clients'digital needsand where you can best help them online.

Here are a few tips on what your agency and youcan do to get new digital advertising leads and sell your services.

Things Your Agency Can Do

There are many ways your agency can getthe word out about your new digital services to prospective clients.


Your agency website is your No. 1 sales tool. It establishes your agency as the local digital marketing experts, providing information on your services, company, and staff. It makes it easy and convenient for businesses to see what you offer and contact you. Be sure to drive prospective clients to the website in multiple forms of communication, including all the ways below.

Radio Ads

If you're a radio group, you have a great promotional channel available to broadcast awarenessof your new digital agency. Running radio campaigns on a consistent basis willhelp generate awareness of your digital services andshow offyour expertise to listeners.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to stay "top of mind" with current and prospective clientsand educate them on your services.Post often and creatively on your station's social media channels to increase your reach and engagement, and drive traffic to your website.

Digital Ads

Take advantage of your stations website and promote your new digital services to create awareness of your agency. Display/Banner Adson your station's website that lead to your new agency website are a great way to promote your new digital services. It's a cost effective and efficientway to let people visiting your website know that you offer additional advertising options.

Informational Flyers

Let your customers know about your services with an informational sales sheet. Mailing a branded sales sheetto current clients is a direct way to get them familiar with your new agency and the digital services you offer. Send these in monthly invoices toradio clientsto give a more in-depth explanation of your products and services.

44i Digital Marketing

Things You Can Do

As an Account Executive, it is important that you take time to get to know the needs of your prospective clients. This will make sure you're prepared to answer their questions and increase your likelihood of making a sale.

Complete a Digital Presence Assessment (DPA)

Complete an in-depth review of your prospective clients Website, Social Media, Email Marketing, Local SEO, Reputation Management, SEM,and Banner ads. This will help you determine which digital services will provide the best results for their company.

Learn Their Budget

To know how you can best help a prospective client, you must learnhow much they are able to spend on digital services. We can tailor ourproducts and services to meet any budget, so it's important to know what the client is willing to spend in orderto create the best plan for them.

Many objections to digital advertising are based on the clients budget. You can learnto overcome these objections and more here.

Present Findings

Schedule a time to present and review your findings with your prospective client, and be prepared to respond to objections to the digital services you recommend.

Prospecting new digital clients is a significant factor in how well your agency succeeds in your market. It's important your agencytakes thetimeto get the word out about your digital products.And when identifying prospective clients, be sureto thoroughly research themto understand how you can best help. If you do both of these, you will continue to gain new customers now and in the future.

Let's Get Started

Contact us for a free digital audit at 605.271.7321 or fill out the form and someone from our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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44i Digital does everything a brand needs to effectively communicate, connect, grow and succeed. Our focus is on developing online campaigns for your clients that deliver exceptional ROI, not just more clicks. Because, after all, all that matters is moving the needle.

Custom Websites

A mobile-first, responsive website is one of the foundations of your advertiser's business and isĀ its most powerful sales tool.

Social Media

An effective social media strategy is one of the most efficient ways for your clients to stay 'top of mind' with their customers.

Email Marketing

Consistent email marketing is still one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for your clients to communicate with their customers.

Local SEO & Reputation Management

Consistent and accurate search engine listings are necessary to improve your advertisers' overall SEO and improve their page rankings.


Get your client's business visible to online users who are actively searching for related products and services.

Display & Retargeting

Display ads are an effective and cost-effective way for advertisers to promote their product/services online.

Additional Services

As a full-service advertising agency, we can fulfill any digital request your clients have. See all of the services we provide.