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Marketing Yourself As a Digital Expert

Whether you've been selling digital services for years or are just starting to roll them out, it's important to convey your expertise about these products to your advertisers. Clients want to buy digital services from a sales person who they trust understands the ins and outs of these products.

44i Digital provides numerous resources to help you become more familiar with our digital products. By taking the time to learn about Websites, Social Media, Email Marketing, Local SEO, Reputation Management, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, and more, and begin marketing yourself as an expert, you'll be able to show off your expertise to clients and gain new business that will increase your advertising revenue.

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Follow these tips below to become a digital expert and start marketing yourself as one.

Utilize Ongoing Education

We place a high level of importance on training and helping you learn our digital products. But your digital education doesn't stop once your in-person training is over though. It is important to continue educating yourself to further your digital sales success in your market.


44i Digital writes bi-weekly blogs—just like this one—that give you additional information, tips and tricks to become well versed in the world of digital marketing. Whether it's in-depth knowledge on digital products, industry trends, or digital sales tips, you'll find a wide variety of informative articles that will help you better sell digital advertising and expand your client base. 


44i Digital's ongoing webinars cover important topics designed to help you become more familiar with our digital products, know our fulfillment processes, and gain and retain digital clients. Making time to attend these interactive webinars will ensure you're well prepared to address these new digital services with your clients and help you come across as the expert on all things digital.

Showcase Your Expertise

As you continue to learn more about the world of digital advertising, it is also important to showcase your education and expertise to current and potential clients.

There are a number of simple ways to do this. Utilize some of the ideas below to start convincing clients you are the digital expert in your market and can provide the products and results they've been looking for. 

  • Use facts and statistics—like the one below—from training to communicate the benefits of digital marketing to your advertisers
  • Adjust your email signature and LinkedIn profile to include “digital strategist”
  • Provide your clients a link to your agency website where they can learn more about your digital products and expertise
  • Email your advertisers regular updates on digital services using information from 44i Digital's blogs and webinars
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With more digital providers in your market than ever before, marketing yourself as a digital expert is an essential part of standing out among your competition. Your clients are looking for a digital service provider that knows the ever-changing world of digital.

By showcasing your expertise in digital marketing you will be able to continue to grow your client base, ad revenue, and commissions.

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