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Important Steps for a Productive Digital Advertising Client Meeting

As more digital providers enter the market, it's important to make sure you stand out among your local and national competition. After securing a meeting with your local advertiser, you may be wondering how to best proceed to ensure you get the sale. 

It's important to educate but not overwhelm the client, who is likely new to digital advertising. It's also important to find the right approach as selling digital advertising has evolved significantly in the last few years as more providers enter the market and the number of digital services has expanded.

As you prepare for meetings with local advertisers, here are 5 important steps to keep in mind for a productive digital advertising client meeting:

Step 1: Prepare for the Meeting

Before the meeting, conduct a Digital Presence Assessment DPA) to decide and narrow down which digital services will benefit your client the most. It is also a good idea to review your client’s budget, and  even do some additional research on your own  so you have the necessary information to make recommendations.

Once that is done, organize all of your sales materials and develop a sales checklist to make sure you have everything ready to go.

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Step 2: Have An Educational Sales Meeting

Take this opportunity to learn more about their company, products, customers, competitors, objectives and current marketing strategies. During the meeting you should present your findings from the DPA to help your client decide what digital services are essential in furthering their business. 

Step 3: Overcome Objectives

Your client may not agree with everything you say. They may even object to a suggested budget or service, and its important to know how to respond.

The most common objection is often the budget. If your client objects to it, remind them that digital services can be tailored to fit their price range or suggest reallocating some of the budget from ineffective services.

Step 4: Make the Sale

At the end of the meeting, you will have one last chance to sell your digital products to your client. Use the training you've received as well as the other resources available to you to show your advertiser the benefits of digital marketing, and how the services) you've discussed will help them improve their business.

If you sell your advertiser on new digital services, 44i Digital will fulfill it for you. If you're not able to sell them during the meeting, secure an appointment with your client to present a proposal or revisit the digital services at a later time.  

Step 5: Follow Up

Whether or not you sell new digital advertising services, make sure to always follow up with your client. Be sure to call or visit them in person instead of reaching out to them via email. If you receive a negative response from your client, ask them to give you feedback so you can work out the situation, and schedule an appointment to check in with them at a later time.

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Your clients are looking for digital services from a trusted source and at an affordable price. By following these steps, you’ll be able to have a productive digital advertising client meeting that results in increasing your ad revenue and getting your client the services they need.

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